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Large Pond aeration, fountains, and other enhancements

Diffused Aeration

Diffused Aeration Systems are strongly recommended in most farm ponds and private lakes in Western Pennsylvania.  Aquatic Edge offers professional installation, seasonal service, and system design of the highest quality pond and lake aeration systems and aerating fountains.

Vertex Pond & Lake Aeration - Vertex is the most trusted name in aeration for ponds and lakes of all sizes and climates. Aquatic Edge specializes in properly designing aeration systems to specific ponds and lakes. In doing so, we incorporate contour mapping, water sampling, and muck/sediment sampling.

Properly designed aeration systems give lake owners the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the thermocline, greatly increasing fish habitat
  • Increased bacteria activity helps to reduce the “muck” layer
  • Causes noxious gases from sediment to bubble out, reducing odor problems
  • Oxygen causes phosphorus to form bonds with other elements, making it unavailable to algae, reducing algae blooms
  • Bubbling water keeps an area of open water during winter
  • Eliminates possibility of oxygen depletion during summer and winter, main causes of fish kills
  • Reduction in midge fly populations

Display Fountains

Floating Decorative Fountains provide enhanced aesthetic quality to private or public ponds and lakes in Western Pennsylvania. Aquatic Edge offers professional installation, winter storage, and design recommendations of floating fountains to lake-owners in the Greater Pittsburgh, Greensburg, and Washington PA areas. 

Fountains add a unique aesthetic appeal to lakes and ponds, as well as assist with biological processes that can promote healthy water conditions.

Choose from an endless array of spray patterns and lighting options to suit any pond and lake application. Aquatic Edge sells and installs quality fountains made by reputable manufacturers like Aquamaster, The Power House, and Vertex.

We recommend all pond and lake owners to consider their particular needs before purchasing a fountain, and should consult a professional lake manager that can inform them of important features and needs of various types of fountains.

In our local area of western Pennsylvania, floating fountains should be removed in late fall and stored indoors at temperatures above freezing. Ice formation on the water’s surface can damage floating fountains and is not covered by any manufacturer’s warranty. Aquatic Edge offers seasonal fountain service, which includes:

  • Removal in late fall
  • Power-wash and visual inspection of exterior
  • Storage in heated facility over winter
  • Re-install in early spring

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