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Koi Pond Repairs

Can My Old Pond Be Repaired?

Do you have a pond, pondless waterfall, or other type of water feature that needs professional help? In the Western PA areas of Greensburg, Pittsburgh, and surrounding towns, call on our expertise to take care of the problem.  If you are having trouble keeping your pond full, your fish alive, or your water clear, contact Aquatic Edge today.

Some problems are relatively simple to fix, like low edges in a liner. Others can be quite extensive or may take some investigative work to figure out. Either way, we’ve likely seen it and have probably fixed it before.

A properly designed and installed water feature should require about the same amount, or less, maintenance as your lawn and landscape. If you’re spending time every few days cleaning out filters, removing debris from your pump intake, or fixing rockwork, then you’re definitely not ENJOYING your water feature! We can make your water feature an enjoyable part of your landscape, and it may just become your favorite part.

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